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Sharon Driving School offers defensive driving lessons and helps a student get a driver's license and become an experienced driver.

Licensed by State of MA since 2000

  Driver Education Course in Sharon Driving School Sharon Driving School

Intensive Driver Ed Course

Sign up for our Intensive Driver Ed Sessions here.

Our regular class lessons:
  Monday - Wednesday from 3-7:15 p.m. (Sharon)

Mon and Wednesday 6 to 8 pm ( Dedham)

.Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8 p.m. (Easton, Attleboro)
. Saturday Road Tests at Sharon High

For more information:
. Call: 781 784 7717 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
   59 Pond St, Suite B, Sharon, MA 02067 (map)


We offer the following services:

Teenage Driver Education Course
(maximize your insurance savings)

1.$59 for 30 hrs of Driver Education Classes (Driver Education Certificate not included)

Valid only with purchase of driving hours

2. Free Parent Class

3. $600 for 12 hrs of driving and 6 hrs of observation 

Total price with a certificate is $660

Check for Driver Ed Certificates

— 30 hours of Classroom Instructions
— Classes cover various subjects and are numbered 1-15.Start Anytime!
— 12 hours of "Behind the Wheel" Training
— Student must drive for twelve(12) hours
— Student must have a valid learning permit in their possession when driving.
— 6 hours of "Observation"( watching another student drive)
2 hours Mandatory Parent Class needs to be done by the 6th Driving Hour

Driving Hours Transferring from Other School
In order to schedule your driving lesson a student must have the following:
1. A valid MA Learners Permit
2. Balance must be current and up-to-date

Transferring Paperwork

We accept cash or check at the start of the lesson.
You (must) have a MA learners Permit (on your Person) or you will be considered a late cancel.
We will pick you up at your door within a 5 mile radius from SDS offices
Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or your account will be charged $40.
There will be a $30 fee charged for all Returned Checks.


Adult Classes
Our Adult lessons consist of an hour of behind the wheel training with a Professional Driving Instructor.
Our calm, patient, professional instructors will take you comfortably through our step by step process and help you become a safe, confident, and licensed driver.
We offer behind the wheel instructions for adults over 18 years old
We will teach you defensive driving practices and prepare you for the driver's test
We will train you from the beginning to becoming an all around safe driver
We specialize in training people who have recently moved to the U.S. Our instructors are very experienced in working with people from different backgrounds

Our curriculum for unlicensed adults includes:
— Orientation to the car.
— Starting and stopping, forward and backward.
— Scanning, visual search.
— Using the mirrors.
— Right and left turns.
— Light traffic.
— Parking.
— Turn around between curbs. ( 3 point turn)
— Residential area driving.
— One way streets.
— Uphill /downhill parking.
— Light traffic freeway.
— Keeping the car under control.
— Defensive driving.
— A strategy for staying safe.
Parallel Parking
and more...
     SHARON DRIVING SCHOOL, 59 Pond St. Suite B, Sharon, MA 02067, 781 784 7717